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Franchise Opportunities

Getting Started

The following are the steps for becoming a Jet’s Pizza® Franchisee:

  1. Completely read through the Franchise Information Package
  2. Fill out the Application and Financial Information Sheet* and submit to:

    Franchise Sales Department
    Attention: Jim Galloway
    37501 Mound Road
    Sterling Heights, MI 48310
  3. If the application is approved an introductory meeting will be scheduled
  4. The Franchise Disclosure Document will be given
  5. Next a Discovery Day will be scheduled, to give you an overview of the Jet’s Pizza® system. If you have any questions, this is a great opportunity to have those addressed, so please bring them with you. At this time, the potential Franchisee will be interviewed by the corporate review board, which will make the final approval decision.
  6. If approved, the next step is to sign a Franchise Agreement; then the process of opening a Jet’s Pizza® location will begin.

* An application for each partner or member of your franchise group is required. A detailed resume of the managing operating partner is essential. Prior food experience is preferred. The manager must own equity or profit sharing in the business; the amount is to be determined by the owner and reviewed with corporate.

Life is Short. Eat Better Pizza®

Jet’s Pizza regularly receives “Best of the Best” and “Reader’s Choice” awards. Pizza Today magazine named Jet’s Pizza as the eighteenth largest pizza chain in the nation in its “Top 100 Company” report (Pizza Today, 2010). Entrepreneur Magazine has consistently ranked Jet’s Pizza as a “Top 500 Franchise,” opportunity (Entrepreneur, 2010). Jet’s Pizza is the seventeenth largest pizza chain in the nation, by sales (PMQ, 2010), with over 200 locations and plans for rapid future growth.

Eugene Jetts and his brother John Jetts opened the first Jet’s Pizza in 1978 in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Fourteen years later, after opening and operating several successful “Jet’s Pizza” stores, a corporation called Jet’s America was formed with business partners Jim Galloway, Jr. and Jeff Galloway.

Since opening their first pizzeria, Jet’s has been selling pizza, submarine sandwiches and salads that have been pleasing the palates of people everywhere. But the single menu item that Jet’s Pizza has become famous for, above anything else, is their signature deep-dish square pizza. It is this style of pizza, and the way it is exclusively prepared, that differentiates Jet’s Pizza from any other pizzeria on the planet. Jet’s Pizza only uses the highest quality ingredients; they have built their business, their reputation, and their taste on keeping it that way.

The Jet’s Pizza concept of franchising began in 1990 and has grown to more than 200 franchises through- out several states. During this process Jet’s America has implemented strong guidelines and “tasty” secrets that have evolved into the development of the Jet’s Pizza system. Each store in the Jet’s Pizza chain uses a set of criteria that has been tested and proven essential in making each product Jet’s Pizza offers consistent and awesome.

While the quality and taste of the food is number one for Jet’s Pizza, there is also a simple belief through- out the company; “Pizza should be fun,” says John Jetts. “If you’re eating one of our pizzas and you don’t have a smile on your face, then something is wrong.” That fun attitude can be summed up in the company’s simple slogan says Jetts, “Life is short. Eat better pizza. Let’s Get Jet’s!” That is something that Jet’s Pizza is betting that people across the nation will agree with. They’ve found that it’s working so far.


Jet’s Pizza, Jet’s, Life is Short. Eat Better Pizza, and Let’s Get Jet’s are registered trademarks of Jet’s America, Inc.

Franchisee Qualifications

We want our franchisees to succeed. The best way to do that is to accept the right people. The following elements are key to a successful franchise:

Personal Commitment

The food business is a people business. Slight differences in quality can make dramatic differences in sales. The best way to achieve consistent quality is to establish strict employee performance. That is why we require a franchise owner or partner who will be dedicated to the business full time, to be present on a daily basis.


The successful franchisee has a friendly personality that attracts customers and motivates the staff. It is also very important to have a strong desire to succeed and have excellent problem solving skills.

Financial Requirements / Costs

Jet’s Pizza® Net Worth and Capital Requirements

A minimum net worth of $355,000-$425,000 is required per restaurant in cash, liquid assets, available financing, or a combination thereof.


Jet’s® does not provide Financing at this time. Financing can generally be obtained for equipment and fixtures, while cash is required for other costs. The amount of the down payment required to get financing will vary based on your credit worthiness and the financial institution involved. Your loan minimum monthly payment may not exceed $3,000.

Franchise Fee*

The initial Franchise fee to open a Jet’s Pizza® location is $20,000.

Start-up Cost

Depending on the state and the site location, start-up costs are $370,000 and more. This figure includes the following:

Franchise Royalty Fee

Unlike most other franchisors, Jet’s® collects a monthly royalty fee based on a percentage of a franchisee’s Acquired Inventory, rather than a percentage of gross sales. Acquired Inventory includes the cost of all ingredients for the preparation of food items, prepackaged food items, packaging material and supplies received by the franchisee each month. The royalty fee is 8% the first year, 9% the second year and 10% the third year through the remainder of the 10-year contract. This approach means that Jet’s® only needs to verify your purchases from approved vendors, not review your business records in total.


State Cooperatives

Jet’s America determines when to form a cooperative to share advertising costs and maximize the effectiveness of advertising within a state. When there is a sufficient amount of franchises within a state Jet’s America will review the region and decide if the situation necessitates a cooperative. Upon request Jet’s America will provide information regarding states with available cooperatives.

Advertising Costs

The cost of advertising will vary by location, based on a number of factors. Jet’s America assists franchisees in developing a suggested budget determined by the prospective location’s demographic. Advertising costs for franchises not part of a cooperative are a minimum of $3,800 per month (this number is subject to increase).

* The Jet’s Pizza® FDD will explain in more detail the Grand Opening marketing and advertising fees.

** The FDD will explain this in more detail.

Training / Support


The initial training program begins with a one-day orientation at the corporate office, followed by full-time, hands-on, on-the-job training at one or more Restaurants operated by Jet’s®, an affiliate, or another franchisee. Training is conducted six days per week for four consecutive weeks, totaling 200 hours. Currently, all training will be conducted at one of our affiliate locations in Michigan. A longer training period can be elected at your option without additional cost. We reserve the right, at your cost, to require additional training until you meet our standards for operation of a franchise.

Opening Assistance

Our personnel will direct and assist you in many of the details of opening your pizzeria. We will guide you through our project management process from start to finish. This includes help with site selection, ordering equipment, a point of sale system, signage, etc. You will meet and work closely with our advertising department to execute your marketing plan. We will help you schedule and train employees. We will be on-site during your Grand Opening to help you with as many other elements that will be necessary for you to open your pizzeria in an orderly fashion.

Continuing Support

Our personnel remain available to you to help resolve any operational problems, which may develop during the day-to-day operation of your pizzeria. Since the amount of additional support which a franchisee requires varies from location to location, Jet’s® reserves the right to charge a set per diem rate for providing additional support, and to be reimbursed for costs incurred.

* Call local Health Department for Food Safety Certification requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages are there in owning a Jet’s Pizza® Franchise?
The demand for pizza by American consumers continues today as never before. Our product line and efficient store design developed from our experience enhances your ability to capitalize on the demand. You gain the benefit of our experience from day one.
If I already own a pizzeria, why would I want to become a Jet’s Pizza® Franchisee?
You can reduce your cost of goods, share in cooperative advertising in some areas, and benefit from our name recognition. By joining us, you can take advantage of our volume purchasing power with vendors to lower your cost of ingredients. You can capitalize on our advertising system both in your locality, and in the greater area served by Jet’s Pizza®.
Can I convert an existing pizzeria into a Jet’s Pizza®?
Yes, but we require all new equipment and the pizzeria will need to be redone to look exactly like a Jet’s Pizza®.
What type of return can I expect on my investment?
The ROI is different for each pizzeria depending on how well the franchisee manages the business by driving sales volumes up and keeping operating costs low. We encourage the prospective franchisee to investigate this on their own by contacting current franchisee’s with questions about marketing, finances, sales volumes, operations, etc.
Do you allow partnerships if I don’t meet the financial requirements alone?
Yes. Each partner must submit his or her own Application and Financial Information Sheet.
Does Jet’s Pizza require its franchises to be owner-operated?
Yes. Daily participation by an owner, spouse or family member is highly recommended and will generally produce better financial performance for a franchise. Our standard franchise agreement
How do I choose a location and will Jet’s Pizza® help in site selection?
The ideal site is a high traffic in-line strip shopping center with a “draw” located in the center (i.e. a video store, or a high draw plaza). Many prospective franchisees already know of such a location. If you do not have a location in mind, you can use our experience and contacts to assist you in selecting a site. We will schedule a time for site selection to review proposed sites to make sure they meet our standards.
What training will I receive?
You and your designated manager will be trained in one of our existing stores in all essential daily operations, including standard business procedures, use and maintenance of equipment, and quality control. You will learn how to make our products to our quality standards. A minimum of 200 hours per person are required to complete training.
Where do I purchase equipment and supplies?
We have developed a network of suppliers for our equipment and other items. These approved suppliers can provide you with all items that meet our specifications and standards.
How long will it take to open a franchise?
The time necessary to open a franchise varies from location to location depending on the local health department and city permitting. Once a lease is signed, it takes approximately 90 to 120 days.
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